MoMuT packages for our commercial subscribers are available on our commercial download page (password protected).

MoMuT Tools – Binary Packages

Please find the available downloads below. Direct any questions regarding the files to  momut_support at Notice that any download made available under non-commercial and/or academic terms cannot be used commercially. Please contact us at momut_support at if you require a commercial license or a customized version of MoMuT. Some purposes which can be non-commercial are teaching, academic research, public demonstrations and personal experimentation.

Type Download Operating System Description License
Version: 5.0.0
Filesize: 89.57 MB
21 May, 2021
Debian 8 or newer, Windows 7 or newer; 64-bit x86

Current stable version of MoMuT::UML/OOAS. Requires Java 7 or higher, x86-64 bit; Tested on Debian 8 and 9

Non-Commercial, Academic
MoMuT::TA MoMuT-TA_2016 Windows (64 bit) Current stable version of MoMuT::TA. Full release including examples. Non-Commercial, Academic
MoMuT::REQs MoMuT-reqs 2016 Windows (64 bit) Current stable version of MoMuT::REQs. Full release including examples.  Non-Commercial, Academic

 MoMuT Tools – Source Code

Parts of MoMuT are available as open source! See the development page for more information.